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Da Rules! Empty Da Rules!

Post by Beav232 on Sat Dec 01, 2007 3:07 pm

Ok I have been thinking up rules for 1 hour now, and here they are:

No spamming
No cursing.( crap is considered cursing here and will be deleted)
No arguing over a ban/suspension of self or another member
Fighting is not tolerated
Being mean to others is not allowed
Arguing over Da Rules results in a suspension and if needed a ban
Asking to become a mod or admin does not increase chance, but lowers it.

I am making a new system that I call '3 chances'. How it works is that your first 3 offenses result in just a warning. The 4th offense earns you a ban and a bad reputation. It gives a little leaniance and lets lets you get used to Da Rules. This is a in a trial stage at the moment, and if it works, I'll make it permanent, if not, it won't be fair for the new users to have a minor offense get them a suspension.

NOTE: Mods and Admins must memorize these rules so they can enforce Da Rules. Some of you may be Arrow affraid to though.

More added later


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